Welcome to Honey from the Hive!

I have various passions that I am pursuing and several will be the main themes of this site. Here’s an introduction to what you will find:

Environment: We only have one planet (for now) and it provides us with so much. In order to preserve the diverse ecosystems, feed the world’s population, and ensure a future for the coming generations we need to think and act more sustainably. There are many issues to address in this field and I hope to cover topics such as renewable energy, pollution, use of chemical herbicides / pesticides, recycling, waste, transportation, and a multitude of others. One of the barriers to making better choices is simply knowing what actually goes into producing the things we regularly consume. I hope to learn about these processes and share what I find in order to bring more awareness and inspire change.

Ethics: The humane treatment of workers, animals, and everyone in general (equality!) should not even need to be discussed, it should be a given. Unfortunately this is not so. But it could be if enough of us use our social, economic, and political power to create this change. One of the first steps in this process, again, is finding out where the disconnects are. Armed with knowledge, we can use our consumer pressure to send a message by making informed and ethical choices. Standing up for social justice and giving to those in need are also great ways to support the community and work toward equality. I will often draw my ethical guidance from Judaism since that is what I practice, but most of these themes are fairly universal and can be applied in general terms.

Education: I am constantly on a quest for personal growth and self-improvement, much of which I attribute to learning new things. As I mentioned in the other two sections, discovering the facts is often the first step in making changes for the better, and I enjoy studying for this reason. I aim to have a resource section full of recommended books to read, websites to visit, companies with sustainable practices, and more to help you learn what you want to focus on. I also enjoy language learning and calligraphy so if there is interest, I may start some tutorials or guides in those fields as well.

The online world is a sort of long-distance community, bringing people together from all walks of life. It is my sincere hope that through this project and this website I can assist others in finding a way to make the changes they wish to see, and at the same time I look forward to not only sharing my ideas with you, but I invite your participation as well. Please join in the discussion! I may also start various challenges, a book club, or other events to get people involved so watch for those!

If you are curious as to where the name of the site came from, it was inspired by my first post, which you can read here.

Thanks for reading and again, welcome!