The UN began World Toilet Day in 2013 to bring awareness and support to the many issues associated with a lack of access to toilets around the world.

This year’s theme is wastewater. Even if the waste starts out in a toilet, the path it takes from there is equally as important. Contamination of waterways leading to the spread of disease is a major problem in many parts of the world.

Here are some suggestions for observing World Toilet Day in case this is not already on your yearly list of celebrations:

Thank Your Toilet

Yes I probably sound crazy saying that. Throughout the day, each time you use a toilet, acknowledge its value. Toilets and proper sanitation greatly reduce the spread of human diseases and save lives. You are here today in part because of your toilet.

Respect Your Toilet

Remember fatbergs? Plenty of things are discarded into a toilet or down the drain which end up cementing together and clogging the sewage system. When this overflows, public health is at risk. As this year’s theme is wastewater, let’s be mindful of what we flush so that our toilets and sewage systems can continue to work for us, and not against us.

Do a Little Research

Visit the UN World Toilet Day website, the World Toilet Organization site, and others to learn more about the problems related to lack of sanitation around the world.

Get Involved

Outside of your own bathroom there are a number of ways to make today count. There are suggestions on the sites listed above for how to contribute or take action if you are interested. Some areas hold a charity run, others may have social entrepreneurship projects, and even something as simple as spreading the word through social media is a way of helping the cause.

If you have any suggestions for observing a meaningful Toilet Day, be sure to comment!

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