I am starting a new weekly segment which I like to call the “creatuREport” (a combination of “creature report,” and pronounced accordingly). This will be a project that I file under one of the site’s main themes – Education, and will be a way to learn a bit about a certain organism each week. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Each week I will pick some sort of organism. This could be a cute and fluffy animal, a strange-looking plant, a deadly mushroom, or a disease-causing bacteria. Or any other living thing I decide to research. I want to continue my own education as well as provide this information to others in small doses, so I thought that one per week would be a good place to start.

I plan on including general information about the organism, ways to identify it, interesting facts, uses for it, where it can be found, and any dangers it poses or risks to its own survival. The format of the creatuREport will be a bit different each week as not every organism needs all of these sections, and some may have additional ones.

Thursday seems like a good day to learn about organisms, right? Sure why not, Thursdays it is. Look for the first creatuREport to come in the next few days!

And of course, if anyone has a request to learn about a certain organism, let me know!

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